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Hip Replacement

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, which provides a very range of movement enabling us to sit walk and run. This joint gets damaged due to a variety of causes including fractures of the hip.

Modern day hip replacement surgery is very advanced and sophisticated. total hip replacement placement surgeries are done by smaller incisions. patients have minimal pain in the post operative pain and are able to have as good a lifestyle as he or she was having before surgery. newer materials like ceramic have improved the life expectancy of the implant many fold. Gone are the times when young patients used to suffer in pain as they were considered too young to be replaced.

New bearing material like ceramics and highly cross-linkedpolyethylene increase the longevity of the hip implants many folds. Thanks to these newer generation material and fine tuned surgical techniques even younger patients in their twenties can undergo this surgery. Gone are those times when the young patients used to suffer due to lack of long lasting implants. Young patients of today roam the world after total hip replacement. Do walk in for a consultation on what is the latest technology available which can be useful for you or your patient

In the very elderly people hip replacements after fractures of the hip, enables them to start walking and doing activities of daily living like going to the washroom and being able to walk independently as early as the next day of surgery.

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