Mrs. Sarita   (Pilibhit - UP)
Tumour Removal and proximal femoral replacement
I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of my femur bone. I underwent surgery at Bareilley...
Mrs. Manju Kakkar   (Otrem Lines)
I had been suffering from pain in my knees for a long time. I was scared to undergo surgery because of...
What's New in joint Replacement Surgery
Unicondylar Knee Replacement  
The knee is made up of two halves. The inner half and the outer half. in very young patients...

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement  
Total knee replacement is a precision surgery. Use of a mini Computer pod assists the surgeon with ....

Personalized Knee Systemst  
Every year millions of people around the world undergo knee replacement surgery...
About Dr.Simon Thomas
Dr Simon Thomas is an orthopedic surgeon of repute based at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines. He was Introduced into orthopedics by Padma Vibhushan Prof Balusankaran and esteemed Dr Mathew Varghese At St Stephens Hospital. He showed immense talent in academics from the beginning of his career. He has the rare distinction of winning the Delhi orthopedics Quiz twice in a row in the year 2004 and 2005. This is a prestigious quiz organized by the Delhi orthopedics association. He represented Delhi in the National orthopedics quiz and won the second runner up in 2004. He has been actively publishing his scientific work in reputed journals of orthopaedics from his early days. He won the prestigious RC Rallan Memorial gold medal for the best paper in the year 2006...

 Member Indian Orthopedic Association
 Member of Delhi Orthopedic Association
 Executive committee member of Delhi Orthopedic Association 2014,2015
 AO trauma member
 Member Indian Arthroplasty association
 Member ISKSAA
 Member of Indian Society of Hip and knee Surgeons