Mrs. Sarita   (Pilibhit - UP)
Tumour Removal and proximal femoral replacement
I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of my femur bone. I underwent surgery at Bareilley...
Mrs. Manju Kakkar   (Otrem Lines)
I had been suffering from pain in my knees for a long time. I was scared to undergo surgery because of...
What's New in joint Replacement Surgery
Unicondylar Knee Replacement  
The knee is made up of two halves. The inner half and the outer half. in very young patients...

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement  
Total knee replacement is a precision surgery. Use of a mini Computer pod assists the surgeon with ....

Personalized Knee Systemst  
Every year millions of people around the world undergo knee replacement surgery...
Knee Replacement
This name is not the correct description for the procedure that we do. Lot of my patients get nervous when I tell them that they need a knee replacement. That's so because they are usually under the impression that large chunks of bone will be removed from their body and replaced by metal. Actually the knee replacement surgery is a knee resurfacing surgery. In this a few millimeters of the damaged lining (cartilage) is removed from the ends of the bones and replaced by a smooth thin cap. Knee replacement retains more of patients bone than a hip or shoulder resurfacing.

The latest techniques ensure that the patient has minimal pain after surgery and he or she is out of the bed as early as the next day of surgery. The patient is able to go to the washroom independently before the patient goes home.

With modern implants and precise technique the life of the implant is on the increase. We are now seeing patients completing 15 years or more with existing knee implants. In the future we may expect these implants to last 20 to 25 years or more. Patients are able to retain all their pre operative activities after this surgery. Do drop in for a discussion on personalized knee system and computer assisted knee replacement.
Case Study Unicondylar Knee Replacement