Mrs. Sarita   (Pilibhit - UP)
Tumour Removal and proximal femoral replacement
I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of my femur bone. I underwent surgery at Bareilley...
Mrs. Manju Kakkar   (Otrem Lines)
I had been suffering from pain in my knees for a long time. I was scared to undergo surgery because of...
What's New in joint Replacement Surgery
Unicondylar Knee Replacement  
The knee is made up of two halves. The inner half and the outer half. in very young patients...

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement  
Total knee replacement is a precision surgery. Use of a mini Computer pod assists the surgeon with ....

Personalized Knee Systemst  
Every year millions of people around the world undergo knee replacement surgery...
Revision Joints
All the patients who undergo a total joint replacement have very good quality of life for many years to come. But over the next one or two decades the artificial joint wears off in some people.

Lot of people worry that after the primary joint wears off the joint will become untreatable and painful. Gone are the times of myths and miseries. The truth is that once the primary joint finishes its tenure it can be replaced fully or partly by revision implants. These revision implants are very sturdy and they work in very demanding conditions inside the body.

With the experience and confidence that we have in modern surgical techniques and state of the art implants, patients can lead as active a life after the revision surgery as they used to have after their primary surgery.

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