Tumour Removal and proximal femoral replacement

I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of my femur bone. I underwent surgery at Bareilley. After the surgery my hip bone became weak and it broke. I was suggested a total hip replacement. I came to take expert opinion from Dr Simon Thomas. H told us that I needed a Primal femoral replacement in addition to hip replacement to avoid recurrence of the tumour. I underwent a successful surgery. After the first surgery I was bedridden for 2 months. Dr Simon made me independent for my daily activities like going to the washroom immediately after my surgery. I am thankful that I am out of all problems. Eternally grateful to Dr Simon Thomas.
Thanks & Warm Regards
Mrs. Sarita     (Pilibhit - UP)

I had been suffering from pain in my knees for a long time. I was scared to undergo surgery because of lot of misconceptions i had in my mind. Then i met Dr simon Thomas. He told me that I did not need any urgent surgery. With his treatment I was able to delay my surgery for four years. When the pain became worse he replaced both my knees. I am now walking around freely. After the surgery I don't feel any problem as i had earlier thought. I sometimes smile at all the sleepless nights i spent worrying about the complications of the surgery. I happily recommend you to meet Dr Simon Thomas. He is a competent and soft spoken surgeon and his experience is vast.
Thanks & Warm Regards
Mrs. Manju Kakkar     (Otrem Lines)

He was my childhood friend now he is my family surgeon too Dr Simon was my classmate from childhood at St Xaviers school Raj Niwas Marg. All these years when I was him I never realized that one day he would replace both knees of my father. My father always used to limp with pain but he never consulted a doctor for knee pain because he was afraid of surgery. In fact the first time he went to Dr simon Thomas to show my mother and not himself. He was so impressed with the simple manner in which Dr Simon explained the details of the surgery that he made up his mind and underwent surgery. He now regrets the years he limped in pain when personalized joint replacement treatment was available right at his doorstep.
Thanks & Warm Regards
Mr. Uma kant Bansal    (Vaishali)

Joint Replacement

I am senior physiotherapist at Panipat. I have been taking care of lot of patients who are operated by Dr. Simon Thomas at Sant parmanad Hospital over the last many years. I m extremely satisfied with the results of the surgery done for these patients. Over the Period of many years his experience in doing revision surgeries of joint replacement has been increasing. These surgeries are highly specialized. I fully trust his capabilities to execute them so as to give the best possible result to the patients. I strongly recommend Dr. Simon Thomas to all the patients who require primary and revision joint replacement.
Thanks & Warm Regards
Dr. Sahil Bajaj     (Panipat)

Revision of ununited leg bone

I had undergone a fracture which was operated. My bone did not unite after the first surgery. I had to undergo two more surgeries on the leg. In spite of all efforts my bone did not unite. Then I was referred to Dr Simon Thomas for further management. I was hopeful that his experience in complex fracture management would be of immense use in my case. Dr Simon removed my old nail and Put a state of the art Locking Plate and bone grafted my fracture. He did this surgery in minimal invasive way allowing me to go home on the third day of surgery.I am now on my way to good recovery and even started going to the office.
Thanks & Warm Regards
Mr. Dhingra     (Delhi)

Revision of infected forearm plate

I had a fracture of the forearm which was treated at Hapur. Unfortunately my forearm had infection and the plates became loose. I was referred to Dr Simon by a close friend. I saw that he was a young surgeon. After a discussion with him regarding my case I realised that he had tremendous experience in this field. A few minutes with him made me confident to undergo a revision surgery of my forearm. After the second surgery I have become very well and I feel glad that I not only found a good doctor but a good friend as well.
Thanks & Warm Regards
Mr. Vineet Jindal     (Hapur)