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Dr Simon Thomas is a faculty in AO Trauma. AO Trauma is an academic body of surgeons and caregivers, which makes the guidelines for advanced patient care after fractures.

As a part of AO Trauma philosophy Dr Simon Thomas is competent to do early definitive management of complex fractures. He is well versed with minimal invasive trauma surgery with the help of advanced trauma instrumentation from Switzerland and U.S.A.

Our goal in trauma surgery is to relieve pain ASAP. We also strive to remove all possible plaster from the patient's body so that patient starts to walk immediately after surgery and free to do all his daily activities like going to the washroom and maintaining personal hygiene. Latest physiotherapy protocols allow the patient to back to work very fast.

Over the past many years Dr Simon Thomas has also been revising many trauma surgeries, which have failed to show as much result as expected by the primary surgery. With his vast experience he expects to give the best possible outcome to all the patients coming for advanced trauma management

Case Study

Complex Trauma and Minimal Invasive surgery