Mrs. Sarita   (Pilibhit - UP)
Tumour Removal and proximal femoral replacement
I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of my femur bone. I underwent surgery at Bareilley...
Mrs. Manju Kakkar   (Otrem Lines)
I had been suffering from pain in my knees for a long time. I was scared to undergo surgery because of...
Whats New in Joint Replacement
Unicondylar Knee Replacement
The knee is made up of two halves. the inner half and the outer half. in very young patients and in certain patients in whom only one half of the knee gets worn out, we do replacement of a single condyle. This is called as Unicondylar Replacement. This surgery has lot of advantages in select patients. It preserves the undamaged part of the knee and can be done by a very small incision. this surgery has negligible rehabilitation compared to the total knee replacement.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement
Total knee replacement is a precision surgery. Use of a mini Computer pod assists the surgeon with a more accurate surgery to the last millimeter. The earlier computer navigation systems were bulky and time consuming. Now the instrumentation has become very small and portable making it easier to use. Each computer pod is disposable and can be used for only one patient reducing complication rates. The use of CAS (Computer Assisted Surgery) improves the accuracy of the implant orientation many folds.

Personalized Knee Systems
Every year millions of people around the world undergo knee replacement surgery. Surgeons all over the world realized that each patient has got a unique size of knee. Depending on the gender and the part of the world that the patient belonged the sizes of the knee were different.

The newer generation of implants that we now use has more size options available than earlier. This allows the surgeon to fix a knee, which is almost tailored to the particular patient that he is treating. Better fitting implants improve the range of movement and reduce the postoperative pain in the long run. We also expect better survival and patient satisfaction after using the personalized fitting knees.