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Robot-assisted Knee Replacement

The future of Knee replacement - Robotic Technique

With increasing life expectancy, more and more patients are undergoing knee replacement surgery to have a better quality of life. But the common problems that the patients face with conventional knee replacement surgery are due to poor planning, large incisions, oversized or undersized implants, malalignment, intraoperative fractures and infection.
A revolutionary new technology in the form of robotic surgery has now come up. Now, the size, nature, and alignment of knee replacement components is decided before surgery by the surgeon on a computer after getting a CT scan of your knees. The robot then perfectly executes the plan during surgery by ensuring sub millimetre dimensional accuracy, correct alignment and precise cutting. It thus requires smaller incisions, lesser surgical time, and lesser instrumentation which leads to lesser postoperative pain and a very low infection rate. The knee implants have a personalised fit as per your knee size and shape. This aids in very early recovery and return to normal activities very soon. The operated knee mimics the natural knee and provides excellent function and performance. 
Robotic Joint Surgery is definitely the future of knee replacement and we are all geared up with the latest technology to ensure continued painless mobility for our patients.

Dr. Simon Thomas
Fellowship in Joint Replacement 
(Endo-Klink, Humburg, Germany)
AO Fellowship (University of Saarland, Germany)
Senior Consultant & Joint Replacement Surgeon
Expert in Primary & Revision Joint Replacements 
Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi
Director, Sant Parmanand Clinic, Pitam Pura, New Delhi