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Unicondylar knee replacement is considered in very young patients who present with arthritis. When only one compartment of the knee is damaged, partial replacement rather than total replacement can be performed.

This surgery tries to save the other half of knee which is not involved by arthritis. Careful preop evaluation of the patient is necessary to be sure that the patient does not have any arthritis in other compartment. During surgery, there is always a back up of total knee implants andif the surgeon feels that the opposite side of the knee to be involved then he may change the plan of unicondylar knee replacement to total knee replacement.

Patello Femoral Joint Replacement: Some patients develop arthritis of only the patello femoral joint. Instead of replacing the whole knee, prosthesis is now available to replace this compartment of the knee only. Patients who present with isolated patello femoral pain are very few in number. Thus careful clinical and radiological evaluation is important before this surgery

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