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Revision Hip Surgery in India is performed when there is loosening of the prosthesis, wearing of the surfaces of the artificial hip joint, or loss of bone tissue. Other reasons for hip revision surgery include periprosthetic fracture of the hip, loosening because of infection, or dislocation of the prosthesis. All these reasons result in increasing pain and discomfort in the hip and difficulty in walking.

In such situations, the previous implants have to be removed and reconstruction of the hip is carried out with special revision implants. Allograft bone from the bone bank is also extensively required to reconstruct the bone defects.

Hip revision surgery depends on a set of factors unique to each patient. These factors include the condition of the patient’s hip and leg bones; the type of prosthesis originally used; whether the original prosthesis was cemented or uncemented; and the patient’s age and overall health. Unlike standard THR, however, hip revision surgery is a much longer and more complicated procedure.

At Delhi Institute of Trauma and Orthepedics, such complicated revision hip surgery cases in India are referred to Dr. Simon Thomas from around the country. He has extensive experience on operating these cases and his results have been very satisfactory.

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