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Fractures around the replaced joint are called periprosthetic Fractures.
Common man has the impression that the replaced joints are fragile and can fracture very easily. The truth is that the replaced knee joint is sturdy and never breaks. when a patient with replaced joint undergoes a violent fall or accident then only fractures occur around the replaced implant. In reality these fractures are extremely rare. Patientswit primary knee joint replacement are not at a higher risk for getting a fracture compared to age matched people with same health conditions.

Peri prosthetic fractures around the knee can occur in the femur, tibia or patella.
Almost all of these fractures heal well. They can be treated in a functional brace or by surgery.
Surgical treatment options include fixation by plate or nails just like trauma in non replaced patients. Patients can expect recovery to pre injury levels after treatment.

Some patients with very poor bone quality and in patients with failure of fixation revision of the implant is considered. Revision knee replacement allows these patients to undergo faster recovery and get out of bed very early. As early as next day of surgery if the general condition of the patient allows

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