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For decades, robotic technology has improved medical procedures and healthcare delivery. Knee replacement surgery uses modern robotic technologies. How does it affect you if you require a knee replacement? What exactly does this mean for orthopaedic surgeons?

Dr. Simon Thomas, one of the most reputed robotic joint surgeon in India explains, Knee replacement is already one of the safest and most successful operations, with very less problems and long-term life benefits. but robotic-assisted knee replacement is a step-ahead, it increases patient results and satisfaction.

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Pitampura, Delhi

Robotic knee replacement is a surgery that uses robotic technology to improve the accuracy and precision of the knees. It is similar to the traditional knee replacement method, but the difference is that it uses a robot arm during the surgery. A robotic-assisted knee replacement improves soft tissue balance and joint alignment.

If you are getting a robotic knee replacement surgery, you do not have to prepare differently. In case you have questions regarding the surgery, book an appointment with a robotic joint specialist and look for all the treatments available for knee problems.

The Rise of Robotic Knee Surgery

New techniques are rapidly gaining popularity in the medical world. Knee replacement surgeons help many people live a regular and safe life. Robotic knee surgery is gaining popularity over traditional knee replacement surgery.

Robotic Knee Replacements in India restores damaged bone surfaces, allowing knee surgeon and doctors to be precise. The procedure provides 100% accuracy and enables a personalised fit. It helps the surgeons to extend the durability and longevity of the implants. Orthopaedics can position the implants in perfect sizes, resulting in an accurate and comfortable knee experience for the patient.

How Robotic Knee Replacement Works

Dr Simon Thomas uses robotic technology to create an ideal surgical plan for the patients. A 3D CT scan helps to get an image of your knees. It helps the surgeons determine how much bone needs extraction and where to insert the metal implants. At the start of robotic-assisted surgery, your surgeon will utilise tracking pins to ensure the robot acquires the right size and location information from your CT scans. The robotic arm will position itself, and your surgeon will use the hand-held instrument to replace your knee. The gadget will help the surgeon through the surgery, boosting their knowledge and abilities.

Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

With growing demand, robotic knee replacement offers various advantages to patients. Some of them are:

  • Precise: The procedure is performed using robots, which means that the portion of the knee that requires surgery is targeted with accuracy. The process is exact and limited because particular incisions and angles are targeted. It helps to secure the neighbouring tissues that do not require healing. The robotic’s operation limits the possibility of endangering the patient. However, it is important to note that this is a robot-controlled method rather than a robot-centered one.
  • Advanced technology: The procedure uses modern tools. It intends to enforce bone resurfacing within the surgeon’s stated strategy. The surgeon handpicks the instruments according to the patient’s needs. Another point to keep in mind is that the operation is not entirely dependent on the equipment.
  • Flexibility: It provides a variety of implant alternatives as well as dynamic ligament balance throughout many phases.

Risks associated with robotic knee surgery

Robotic knee surgery offers the same downsides and dangers as traditional knee surgery, such as infection, knee stiffness, chronic knee discomfort, or an implant that may not function as the patient and doctor expected.

Traditional knee replacement surgery has low complication rates, with 95% of patients experiencing no difficulties.

Who can get a robotic knee replacement surgery?

If you are a candidate for standard knee replacement, you are most likely also a candidate for robotic-assisted knee surgery. You must consult with your doctor to see if surgery — or other non-surgery based treatments for knee pain — are right for you.

Robotic knee replacements are suitable for even the most complicated knee joint disorders. It includes patients with:

  • Femoral deformities due to accident
  • Complex degeneration
  • Hardware from earlier procedures.

This surgery is beneficial for various patients as it provides precision and accurate results. If you’re thinking about having a knee replacement and want to know if robotic-assisted surgery is good for you, consult with Dr. Simon Thomas, robotic surgery specialist in Delhi.

During the session, He will check your knee and ask questions about your symptoms and how you are treating them. He may also request tests such as an X-ray or an MRI to determine the problem within your knee.

Deciding on a knee replacement is a big decision, but you don’t have to do it alone. Dr Simon Thomas will be there for you every step of the way, providing advice and support from your initial consultation to your recovery.

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